This Book Will Change Your Life

When I started writing I had no idea what I would write about.  I thought it would be more of an exercise, mental calisthenics just to keep me entertained.

I soon discovered I needed a push.  I had the desire to write, but the creative muscles were rusty.  Making new habits is tough.  I needed a plan.

Enter This Book Will Change Your Life.  That’s a pretty bold statement…. This Book Will Change Your Life.  I can’t say that this book changed my entire life.  But it did  make me sit down and write something down almost every day.

The book challenges you to focus on “hysterical living.”  I found in executing the daily challenges that I lived pretty hysterically already.  Shocking, I know.

Eventually I didn’t need the kick in the pants to sit down and write and the book has been resting comfortably on a bookshelf.  In the meantime you can start at the very beginning – click the links below to see how I challenged myself.

  1.  Complete one challenge.
  2. The love of your life
  3.  Today throw away something you like.
  4.  International Travel Challenge
  5. Out of Order
  6. Write the first line of your novel
  7. Masturbate at 1:56
  8. Addiction Free Day
  9. Do Something Before Breakfast – When I started exercising again an noticed my back hurt.  A lot.  And often.
  10.  Meet Jonas
  11. Introduce yourself.
  12. What’s your type?
  13. Send a letter to a mass murderer.
  14. A day of compliments
  15. Be gay for a day
  16. Discretely give people the finger all day. – An all time favorite with the googlers.
  17. East asparagus all day. or The Day I invented Soup
  18. Kill Something.
  19. Pretend to be a Secret Agent
  20. Poetry Day
  21. Patriotism Day
  22. Agree to meet someone in ten years time.
  23. Plastic Fantastic!
  24. Barter Day
  25. Things you will never do before you die
  26. Choose what you will be reincarnated as
  27. Yes or No
  28. Death Row Meal
  29. Southern Accent
  30. Ignore Today – I got engaged today.
  31. Nauru Awareness
  32. Control your dreams
  33. Paranormal Lookout
  34. Write to a dictator to stop torture
  35. Give tasks to those around you – wherein I ramble on about that man of mine.
  36. Say nothing today
  37. Eat and Run
  38. Spend some time in a church
  39. Speak Swedish
  40. Play a Practical Joke
  41. Apply for Knighthood
  42. Walk Barefoot
  43. Write a diary
  44. Defy superstition – I loved this day.
  45. Romance Day
  46. Birthday Day!
  47. Count Sheep
  48. Make a first impression
  49. Make a citizen’s arrest
  50. Make People Notice You
  51. Sense-less
  52. What is the Meaning of Life
  53. Return All your Junk Mail
  54. Count your farts
  55. Pancake Day and the most I have ever really said about my ex-husband and our divorce.
  56. Rock and Roll
  57. Try food that scares you
  58. Pass on skills to your family.
  59. Are you psychic?
  60. Order an impossible pizza.
  61. How symmetrical is your face?
  62. Prepare circles.
  63. Break a world record. or The post that creeps find when they google “world’s biggest asshole woman.”
  64. Send a letter
  65. Learn a poem by heart.
  66. Save water.
  67. One day detox
  68. Grow a long hair.
  69. Downsizing Day
  70. Are you a Psycopath?
  71. See more of the world.
  72. Closure Day
  73. Get a Hobby
  74. Express your views – The day I spoke up about my abortion.
  75. Make a reservation.
  76. Wear shoes one size too small.
  77. Design a logo.
  78. How politically correct are your friends?
  79. Become an expert.
  80. Eat a piece of furniture.
  81. Celebrate nature.  
  82. Meditation
  83. International Phone Call
  84. Plant an apple core.
  85. Release a red balloon
  86. The wrong side of the tracks
  87. Morse Code
  88. Measure Your Biceps
  89. Primal Scream
  90. Collapse a Currency
  91. Peel a Potato
  92. Write a Will 
  93. Cosmic Humility

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  1. Zia Montesi Broker /REALTOR

    God is miss you.

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