Day 16: Discreetly give people the finger all day…

Discreetly give people the finger all day today. Fabulous.  Who needs an excuse to do this?  Not me.

I’d every intention to take this challenge by the balls.  But this morning took an odd turn.  MQD and I had an exchange last night that could best be defined by the words “adult communication.”   I was pretty proud of the way we’d interacted so this morning when he snapped at me somewhat thoughtlessly I refrained from snapping back.  And missed a golden opportunity to flip him the bird from the other side of the wall.  Moments later I caught myself reacting to something he’d just said in much the same way he’d reacted earlier and I heard myself.  So, instead of giving myself the bird I marched right ion to the bedroom and apologized.  And asked him to examine the way he’d just spoken to me and make an effort not to repeat it.  What the fuck is going on? ANOTHER “adult communication.”  I don’t know what this is a sign of?  The Apocalypse?   Growing Up?  Damn, I am hoping it is a sign that there is much good horizontal mambo to come.  That’s all I am really prepared for. I don’t have enough food stocked up to survive the End of Days and I have no idea what it would mean to grow up, but I have the snacks and the flexibility to “listen” to the Best of Marvin Gaye two times.  In a row.

So… the finger.  Everyone at work got the bird.  The aforementioned nameless fellow at the Stop N Go.  Em’s preschool teacher.  A whole host of walkers, joggers and bike-riders. But all in all I found this challenge somewhat unsatisfying.  While it was amusing to me, I think that I might have had more fun with it if I’d thought the “joke” would be shared with someone.  If MQD and I had hit the town it would’ve been funny to do it all over the place (heh) and share a laugh.  But I don’t feel like I got the bang for my buck I was looking for out of this challenge.

Now about that other bang?  Fingers crossed.

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