Day 48: You never get a second chance…

To make a first impression.  I’ve had Day 48’s challenge in my purse for a week.  And in this last week I realized that I very rarely speak with anyone that I don’t know, peripherally.  I live in a decent sized community and yet the checkers at the grocery store, I know them.  The lady at the bank,  yep, I know her.  I should have had someone fill it out the other day at Trader Joe’s, I don’t go in there regularly enough to know all the folks that work there.  But I was also hesitant to bug someone that was at work.  And I guess I just don’t cross paths with a lot of strangers.  Accosting someone and saying “Hey, what’s your first impression of me?” when all they know of you is that you’re bugging them and waving a piece of paper in their face seems kind of ridiculous.

Last night, for our anniversary, we played a dice game with our 13 year old neighbor.  Odd way to celebrate, I realize, but his mom was working late and he frequently hangs out at our house instead of staying home alone.  In an odd way it was the perfect way to look in to our future as parents.  Two kids in the house feels right.  Before we set to playing our game I asked Austin to fill out my Day 48 challenge. It brought tears to my eyes.  I don’t know if anyone has ever said a nicer thing about me.

I think she is very unique and creative and spontaneous and has a good personality and treats people with respect.

Gimme some love!! Please?

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