I take, without exaggerating, a hundred or so pictures in the course of a day.  Long ago, before children, I lugged around a real live camera with me.  In my current life the camera sits on a shelf, out of reach of little hands and I snap pictures on my iPhone.  Nearly all of the pictures I post are taken with my phone, edited with my phone and sent to WordPress… you guessed it, with my phone.

There are a few exceptions, occasionally I swipe a picture from the web.  If I do, I credit the source whenever possible and link the image to the original site.

And when you get very lucky… I post a picture taken by the delightful and talented Carrie Roen from Brooke Mayo Photographers.  I met Carrie a hundred years ago when I was living in the Outer Banks.   Carrie and I continued to cross paths and wine glasses for years.

The pictures used in my original header are courtesy of Carrie!


As many pictures as I take (of myself) I feel very awkward in front of a camera so when MQD and I decided to hire a wedding photographer I was delighted that Carrie would be able to join us!  Carrie’s favorites from our wedding can be seen here on their blog.  When Lucy joined our family recently it seemed like another great opportunity to have Carrie visit! Here are a few images from our recent shoot with Carrie.

If you are planning a vacation in the Outer Banks or live nearby shoot her an email and try to arrange some time with her and your family.  You won’t regret it!

Last but not least – a huge thank you to The Depressed Moose for asking the question “who doesn’t like a confident long boobed woman?” on this post.

One response to “Credits

  1. How is this the first time I have seen this part of your blog?? Love you Kelly. Lets get together and play again soon!
    xoxoxox Carrie

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