Day 4 Challenge

Today’s challenge featured a map of the world and simple directions –  color in those countries to which you have been a certain color, those you’re planning to visit this year, and those that you plan to visit before you die, and those that you don’t care to see.

Today’s challenge was pretty easy for me.  I’ve only been a few places.  And all of those places were a port on a cruise to somewhere… so I really don’t feel like I have been there.  Jamaica, Mexico, The Grand Caymans, BVI, Puerto Rico, Belize… I know I am leaving some out.  Cruise travel is great for spending time with a person, talking, laughing, eating, drankin’… not so good for really seeing a country, meeting people, eating local food…

Where would I like to go?  There are still Vitos in Italy.  (My mother’s maiden name, my grandfather is second generation American born, I believe.)  There are Bresnahans in Ireland.  I’d like to go to both of those places.   I’d like to go to France and drink wine and eat cheese and take walks and fall in love with a certain someone all over again… but not until we are old and gray.  (Or perhaps when I am old and gray and he is still dashing and younger than me. :wink.) Because I think there’s a time for travel to a place that is outside of your comfort zone, perhaps a time when you’re trying to redefine who you are, who you are to the person with whom you are traveling….

Is there anywhere I can say i’d not like to go?  Nope.  I’m pretty game for anything typically.

Will I be going anywhere out of the country this year?  Nope.

My thoughts on traveling and the little lady?  There is so much of this country I have still not seen.  So much to be proud of, to be grateful for, to be in awe of… we’ll see a good bit of that hand in hand before we set off on an international voyage, I think.

I’d like to see the Grand Canyon for my 40th birthday.  I think turning 40 will frighten me.  That perhaps I will wonder if I have done enough.  I imagine standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon will make me feel small.  And that feeling of smallness will remind me how very much I have done.  Even though I am so very, very small.


One response to “Day 4 Challenge

  1. For my I gave birth 40th. Mmmm. Well a few weeks before. I was a flight attendant for many years and now I need to see more again.

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