Day 68: One single hair…

Day 68: Choose one single hair to grow out one yard long.

“I want it long, straight, curly, fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy, shining…” you know the drill. HAIR!!

I do not.  Want Hair!  My mother would beg to differ. She subscribes to the secret rule that after a “certain age” your hair shouldn’t be “but so long.”  I am not sure what this age is, exactly.  Or how long even “too long” really is… but I do know that my hair is too long and I am past that age.  For a short time after Em was born I felt like I was masquerading as a grown up.  Like in spite of the fact that I had a kid hanging on my boob twenty-one hours a day I was not really a mom, not really a card carrying Grown Up.  So, I cut  my hair.  As you can see, my shorter hair did nothing to grow me up, or to discourage me from wearing a pirate eye patch while out to dinner.

And then my short hair made me feel like I was pretending to be a Grown Up.   Not only was I carting around this kid, and trying to get my act together but I was starting to actually behave like a grown up.  So I put a stop to that promptly.

There’s nothing like Manic Panic to make a girl feel like she is in touch with her juvenile roots.  All of this to say that the subject of hair and whether or not one lets it grow is a subject I spend a fair amount of time thinking about.  And while I am currently in a stage of defiantly having “too long hair” I can say with absolute certainty the hair on my legs is not party to this plan.

I shave every day.  I can’t stand it when I don’t.  It’s not for anyone but me.  I think if I didn’t shave my legs a shower complete with face wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing soap rub down would max out at about four minutes.   MQD stays in the shower for twenty minutes on a day he is in a hurry.  I have never understood what exactly long showerers do in there.  Perhaps my need to shave my legs every day is just a way to necessitate being in the shower a full seven minutes.    I don’t think I am less clean than the long showerer.  I’d guess I am lazier, maybe.  I do love an extra snooze.  Or two.  But even when I am not under the gun of getting out the door at a certain time I don’t dick around in the shower.  So today?  Today’s shower took six minutes.  But Em was in there with me.  Saving water and all.

And I didn’t shave.  I’m nuts.  I’m wild and free.  And I am shaving tomorrow morning.  I feel weird.  And as for growing out one single hair, I’m gonna go with the one that means I am Grown Up when I cut it.  Because that’s just not happening anytime soon. So lemme know if you know which one that is.  Because I should probably cut the rest of them.  What Not To Wear and my mother say so.

2 responses to “Day 68: One single hair…

  1. It’s the one on your chin. You don’t have one? Then you are definitely not yet a grown up and may feel free to cut the other ones…

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