Because I said I would…

The act of making a plan is sometimes all it takes to get shit done.  Put it on the calendar.  Say it out loud.  Commit.  It makes following through that much easier.

I said I’d keep on keeping on with This Book Will Change Your Life.  Dammit all, only three days in and it is the kind of challenge that makes me roll my eyes and wanna skip it altogether.    Day 90: Help Collapse a Currency…. The Bangladeshi Taka.  The book suggests that everyone reading the book invest in the taka and then sell them on December 31 for a fraction of what they are worth (which is only one penny according to Google.) For every clever challenge – discretely giving people the finger all day, or be on the lookout for the paranormal, or my all time favorite How symmetrical is your face? – there is a challenge that shits the bed.  Collapse a currency?  Pffft.  Not happening.

I am left feeling like I need to do all the other things I told myself I would do today instead.  So, I ate breakfast.  But only because I prepared it last night.  Overnight oatmeal with homemade almond milk and chia seeds. And two Hershey’s kisses, but who is counting?


And I am heading to the gym. Because my calendar says I need to ride the stationary bike for 40 minutes.  And because I can take a shower all alone while I am there.  Well, not totally alone. I will be in the company of a dozen senior citizens fresh out of water aerobics class but none of those women will cry if I don’t hold them.  If I don’t screw around and spend too much time washing my face I could even blow my hair dry in the hand dryer.

It’s a glamorous life, y’all.  A glamorous life.

This post was brought to you by Guilt.  I said I was gonna write every day for a while just to keep the quiet at bay.  Here’s hoping tomorrow will be more interesting than oatmeal.

17 responses to “Because I said I would…

  1. Does that stuff taste good? And isn’t Chia the stuff they make the pets out of?? Lol

  2. southernfriedinvegas

    Heh. My post was about nail polish. Go figure.
    Is your overnight oatmeal good? I have that pinned, but haven’t tried it yet.

  3. The vision of a wet nekkid senior lady crying and clinging to you flashed thru my mind…eek! Must scrub brain, quick!

  4. :) Collapse a currency?! Really?! Much more productive to just eat breakfast and go to the gym. I’m sure you’ll feel much better about yourself this way.

  5. I am giggling at the idea of geriatric aquafit women starting to sniffle because you won’t give them a cuddle.

  6. That jar looks like melted cookies and cream ice cream.

  7. but none of these women will cry when I don’t hold them.

    Yes. True words right there!

  8. Hey, let’s face it. Sometimes oatmeal and a shower are all that happens some days and that’s okay. Tomorrow you may spot Elvis, or Bigfoot, or…. whothehellknows. Today, well today we get oatmeal.

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