Day 36: “Being Silence”

The challenge today is shut the fuck up, in so many words… This isn’t something I’d likely be capable of under the simplest of circumstances.  But today I had a billion people to call and it wasn’t an option.  However, to those who know me even marginally it is likely  a surprise how often I am quiet for most of the day.   At least a couple of days a week I don’t see a soul in my office and it’s just me and the tunes… if I was so inclined I could probably get away with Do Not Disturbing my phone and enjoying a day of solitude while in my office but I’d struggle with explaining to my daughter that I’d not be opening my mouth all day.  Not that she can’t appreciate some quiet.  She can see the need for quiet spread across my face and she’ll ask “If you want me to, Mom, I can just be silence?”

She hasn’t yet come to understand that sometimes “being silence” is not a means to an end but the goal in and of itself.  I’ve always enjoyed the quiet of my own mind.  And I am more than pleased to see that Emily is content to go up in her room and busy herself quietly.  Coloring, puzzles, looking at books…. she can give quietly entertaining herself  a pretty good run most days.  I like that she’s inherited this.

I could go on and on about this…. but that kinda defeats the purpose, huh?

So here I am being “silence.”  Sadly, I can not seem to communicate to my forehead the need to keep a lid on it. My forehead has tons to say….

Gimme some love!! Please?

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