Day 69: Downsizing Day

Day 69: Today fire someone from your entourage.

Today’s challenge was actually accomplished a few days ago.  I laid off my dish washer, my bus driver, my babysitter, my laundry fetcher, my glass of water getter, my “what did we need at the store, again?” remember-er, my dog walker, my cat feeder, my bed warmer, my cell phone phone caller and finder, my entertainer, my audience and my DJ.  All at once.

MQD has been gone since Sunday afternoon and this morning I yelled at the dog.  And at Emily.  I am tired.  I am frustrated.  I am, admittedly, without caffeine, as well.  But mostly I just feel spent.

The picture below was taken on the very first afternoon that MQD kept Em.  I don’t recall now where I was needing to be, work, perhaps , but it was a picture he sent me to indicate that all was well and they were having a good time.  The day that picture was taken I did it all every day.  And today, not even a year later, I can’t remember how to get us all out of the house on time all alone.

Like childbirth, being a single parent is one of those things you forget all about once it’s over.  I’m okay with that.

*I hope you’re having a good time, baby.  But come home soon, ok?  And don’t be alarmed when you get there.  It’s a wreck.  But all the animals slept in our bed.  And Em, too.  And Floppy Dog.  And Snoopy.  I checked to make sure the doors were locked at least four times before I went to bed every night.  We’re safe and sound.   Don’t know how I ever did it without you… For the record I plan to re-hire you on Saturday morning. xo

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