Day 76: Shoes!!

Day 76: Wear shoes that are one size too small, then you will experience huge relief when you come home and take them off!

This wasn’t a tough challenge for me. In the very beginning of my journey through the book I revealed my tiny little shoe problem.  I have tons of shoes I rarely wear anymore.  Some because I don’t really have  a need for my Frankenstein-esque clodhopppers and some because I can’t squeeze my 10.5 size feet in to my size 10 shoes.  But since I have been squeezing my ass in to jeans I never thought would fit again recently I figured, hell, why not? Maybe my shoes will fit again, too.

No dice.  These were none too comfortable, and will surely feel fabulous to take off this evening.   As you can see the entire subject exhausts Fisher.

2 responses to “Day 76: Shoes!!

  1. you ever want to give away your size 10s… just pass them this way. OK? OK.

  2. I can’t believe you are doing this! This is worse than prank calling yourself with dinner reservations! I will say a little prayer for your feet, forever and ever…

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