Day 12: What’s Your Type?

This challenge was a particularly well timed challenge.  I think the question could be taken in two very different ways, and I’ll do my best to answer it in both ways, in an effort, of course, to maintain my status as both a slacker and an overachiever.  My apologies for being several days late in writing up my challenge results…

What’s my type?  As in what type of boozer am I attracted to, or interested in conversing with at a party?  Well, that’s an easy one.  All of the above.  A decade as a bartender and I never really tired of boozy flirtation and sloppy jackasses.

My very favorite, my “type” of boozer?  It would have to be a cross between Mr Nice Guy and a Sleazeball.  A dirtball with a heart of gold?  A nice boy with a mouth like a trucker? Sold.  I’ll take him, as-is.

And what type of Boozer am I?  Well that can be answered quite easily from the options above… the Clever Brunette, of course.  And the one that licks Fluevogs.

And that likes to get dressed up…  this was moments after I realized I could actually pull my fishnets up all the way to my ampits.

For a spell I was the kind of gal that liked to wear an eye patch….. I’ll have to bring that back…. it was a good look.

Gimme some love!! Please?

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