Big Pimping

I am not sure what about self-promotion gives me an icky taste in my mouth.  After 300+ blog posts you’d think I would identify as a blogger, right?  And if you identify as a blogger you automatically get a yard sign that says “Narcissism is OK! Love me!”  And yet somehow I still manage to put on this semi-bashful face when I imagine telling y’all about how I am writing elsewhere, too.

Maybe I am afraid you will think I am a two-timing trollop.

I’m gonna take that risk.

One of Those Women:  If you need more Kelly in your life and you were dying to know if I can express myself without dropping F bombs you should read my new column One of Those Women.  Weekly I will try to answer a reader’s question while pointing out to you what kind of woman I most definitely am not.  And how I am a hypocrite.

CafeMom: I fooled the folks at CafeMom in to letting me write eight columns about getting ready for a new baby.  I did not tell  the mother to be get her freak on ASAP or kiss her cellulite-free ass goodbye.  I kept it all on the up and up.  You guys would be proud.

Straight Tech: Before I sat around in yoga pants watching daytime TV (I mean chucked it all for the rewarding job of stay at home mom extraordinaire) I had opinions about all kinds of things.  Some of those things had nothing to do with bodily fluids AT ALL.  Don’t believe me? Check out my weekly posts about all things tech related.

2 responses to “Big Pimping

  1. Good for you!

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