Day 88: Measure your biceps

Sometimes the only way to break the silence it to just start jabbering.

I am back to the book. I started the working my way through This Book Will Change Your Life as a way to force myself to write. Write a paragraph. Take a picture. Put myself out there. Nobody was reading, anyway, what difference does it make, right?

But now you’re here and you’re reading and I feel like a twelve year old girl that might get her braces off any minute. I am excited but I am nervous. What if I go back to school after my orthodontist appointment and no one even notices? What if I am the only one that can tell that something is different?

So, back to the book. To break the silence. To put a little bit of me out there even if what I have to say today is contradictory to what I might say tomorrow.

Today my biceps are 12 inches around. Well, my left one. My right is 12 1/4 inches. But who’s counting?

I registered for a sprint triathlon. I have swum 2600 yards in the last week. And I have ridden a stationary bike for more than 120 minutes. And I have run a little over eleven miles. I haven’t been writing. But I haven’t just been sitting around on my ass all day.


16 responses to “Day 88: Measure your biceps

  1. Girl – your biceps be FINE!!

  2. Yay for you. Sprint tri will be awesome: the finish line will be fantastic. I also bought the book a while ago. Am excited to see where it takes me when I have time to both read *and* write.

  3. My fiancé did a triathlon in Miami once with his brothers. His advice is to hang back when the swim starts to avoid the big crazy crowd in the water. You won’t miss those 30 seconds much, and it’s so much easier to swim when you’re not in really choppy water or getting elbowed.

    • I lucked out and found one that starts in a lap pool!! For my first one (see, I have the bug!! I can already imagine doing another one!!) I thought I’d be wise to skip out on the free for all of open swimming.

  4. Dang! There you go making me feel lazy.

  5. You’re a badass! Keep it up. Finishing that sprint tri is gonna feel AMAZING. (Plus they probably give you a medal when you finish. Or beer. Or both!)

  6. That’s a whole lot of exercise that’s managing to keep you from writing your book. Probably the first time you’ll hear this advice but – get back on your backside and stop exercising – your book needs it.

    • Ha!! I am really just writing my way through someone else’s book, as prompts of sorts. But the daunting task of actually writing a book book, ohman, I’d be running like a fool just to procrastinate. ;0

  7. Sometimes the challenges are self-explanatory, and other times you provide a frame of reference. What is the deal with this one? Get over your fear of fabric measuring tape? Why measure your biceps? Is this a repeat and track progress deal? If so, how does that fit with the one challenge per day scheme? What is happening? Are you still trying to find ways to mask your jealousy that i went on a fancy date with your man? ;)

    • As is always the case -you see through me. Some of the tasks in this book are silly. This one? Eh. You are not instructed to repeat it, so it doesn’t have much of a purpose at all in my world.

      And the fancy date? I am still seething with jealousy. Bt moreso that he got to see you than that you got to see him. ;)

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