Day 38: So help me, God…

Day 38: Spend some time in a church today.

Ahhh… sweet synchronicity.  Just a few days ago I had what seemed like my 653rd conversation with Emily about how I really don’t think it was God that made it rain for the third day in a row.  And wasn’t she paying attention when we read that awesome weather book? And then the following day MQD mentioned again that he thought we should try to catch a service at the local Unitarian church (an idea we have tossed around for well over a year.)  And then… yeah, still another mention, Amy asks me last night if I would be interested in joining them at the Unitarian church, as they went last Sunday and really enjoyed it.  And now THIS?  It’s a SIGN, God Dammit!!  I need to carry my ass to church!

I have been thinking about getting involved in the local Unitarian church for… since forever.  I first was interested in Unitarianism when I was in Williamsburg.  I had several professors that were active members and I really liked the idea that there was a community of people joined together, not by their common beliefs, but by their desire to appreciate each other’s beliefs and spend some time reflecting on their own.  (And to be perfectly honest I was down with the Drum Circle possibilities.)  This interest was filed away in the Things To Do When I Stop Sleeping Until Noon on Sundays bin.

It surfaced again when Emily was a baby and I realized that while it may not necessarily require the proverbial village to raise a child it would be much appreciated.  I had an interest in establishing a community for the first time in my adult life.  Motherhood… it’s crazy shit.  Made me learn to sew, and make soup and buy matching silverware.  This desire to attend a church didn’t really surprise me.  But I reasoned it away.  I was too busy. And I worked on Sundays.

And now here I am.  I’ve shed my “single parent” status (a subject that is long overdue in my writing about) and I am out of excuses.  I want a community.  And I don’t want Emily growing up thinking that MQD and I are the only people on earth that don’t pray to God before we eat or think that God is responsible for Green Town (the Emily-named phenomenon of driving all the way to school without a single red traffic light, of course.) I don’t so much care what she grows up to believe.  But I know I want her to decide for herself.  And I want her exposed to  a big, fat assortment of theologies.

So yeah… we’re going.  I mean, not this weekend because MQD is out of town and I am phobic about doing shit all by myself, and well, the next weekend we’re all out of town.  I guess we’d better go the 17th?  Because you know the Demolition Derby is on the 24th.  And I know Jesus would want me to go the Demolition Derby.   Jeez.  What do I wear?  Jeans?  Patchouli? I guess I should bring my hula hoop?

2 responses to “Day 38: So help me, God…

  1. Don’t worry, I’m sending the Elders over on their bikes right now!

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