Day 9: Do “Something” before Breakfast

Day 9: Do “Something” before breakfast.”

My alarm went off at 5:35 as it has every day for the last ten days or so.  But this morning instead of deciding that my back hurt too damn bad to get up and “do something” I elected to peel my creaky body out of bed and “do something.”   [In truth I snoozed two times… so it was 5:53.  And I had considered changing my plans.  There are two things that make me incredibly happy, make my day smooth sailing, put a smile on my face, on my flushed, sweaty face.  Given the grumblings from the other side of the bed I was not going to get anywhere with my other something “to do.”] So I got up, got dressed, found my neglected running shoes and got my act together.

Look how thrilled I was about this.  The upside of getting up and out the door before it is stifling hot outside but after is no longer dark that is I decided to forego the gym and WALK around the neighborhood.  I hate walking.  But in light of the fact that I have been nearly immobilized by my recent efforts to run too far, too fast, too often I elected to take a walk.   About 15 minutes in to my walk I realized that I was sweating, and maybe this wasn’t so lame.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not hideously hot outside.  I engaged in an internal struggle to not start running.  But in an effort to stay true to my efforts at knocking out Day 8’s challenge today (avoid addictive things) I did not pick up the pace and run.  Even though I wanted to so very badly…

So today’s challenge was right on time.  I got back on the morning exercise horse.  Even though I’d rather have ridden somethign else.

I feel good about today.  So, did day 9 change my life, nope.  But it got me back on track. So fuck yeah, Day 9.  Thanks for the kick in the ass.  And also, thank you to wherever the weather really comes from.  Because by 7 am it was only two degrees warmer.  

Wow.  And thanks to the kid at the pool whom I no longer remember that first pointed out that my head totally looks like an egg.  You’ve really given me somethign to focus some of my self-loathing on, something that is totally unchangeable…  That’s one smiling egg shaped head having girl right there.

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