Day 45: Learn Your Damn Homophones

Day 45: Romance Day, come up with a compliment that has never been made before.

The other day MQD posted a website that made me chuckle.  Learn Your Damn Homophones. It was funny to me on a few planes, but the section referencing compliment vs complement is pertinent here.  Today’s challenge… a compliment that has never been made before…

This isn’t all that difficult.  MQD and I went up to see some of the family this weekend and had our first multi-dimensional multi-family gathering.  Time again it was made clear to me that MQD really is the “complement” that has never been made before.  At the risk of sliding in to a long-winded “reasons I am sickeningly in love with this boy” kind of post I’ll wrap it up quickly.

We were on the way home from DC, Em was passed out in the back  seat and we were giggling our way down I-95.  As our laughter began to wane MQD said “We are really juvenile when we are together… ”  I made a smart-ass remark about how this was true and weren’t we oh so very  melancholy when we were  apart.

I am really juvenile all of the time.  But only when I am with him do I not feel in the least bit apologetic about who I am.  Not for being a pervert with the mind of a 14-year-old boy, not for the past that brought me to my present, not for my tendency to interrupt.  None of it.  It’s who I am.  And he really  does “get me.” And I think he likes me most of the time. There’s no accounting for taste.

So, I spent the morning trying to think of a compliment.  One that had never been made before.  Eventually one fell right from my lips, or from my fingers through my keyboard, as it happened to be…  “Demented bleats made me think of you, my love. “

MQD shook a cheese stick at me the other day.  From groin level. And he made this very disturbing sound, like a billy goat choking… It shouldn’t have made me want to kiss him.  But it did.  So when I saw  a reference to a “maniacal army of lobotomized pigmy goats” on Sleep Talkin’ Man this morning I instantly smiled…

I shot him the link and said “Demented bleats made me think of you, my love. “

It doesn’t get much better than this, kids.

And just to be clear, I’m not the only juvenile one in the bunch.   A picture from one of the funniest road trips I may have ever taken…. xo

Gimme some love!! Please?

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