Day 7

Roughly, of course, but with infinite tenderness….

It wasn’t 1:56. But it was close. And I was at work. That counts for something, right?

And since we have had no A/C (fixed now but still quite warm in here) I guess my red face didn’t really garner much attention when I emerged from the bathroom. Because of course there was NO ONE here when I skipped out on mental vacation. And everyone has come back from lunch now. Pardon the expression.

I bet my lunch was better than their lunch. I’m still grinning.

Fantasy was lame. Had to rearrange a few things…. but I liked this line “Roughly, of course, but with infinite tenderness….”

And yeah… there’s no accompanying picture for this post.

Edited to add: World land speed record. 4 minutes start to finish.

One response to “Day 7

  1. Of course I jumped to # 7. I’m a guy. 4 minutes. Sounds about right to me.

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