Day 11: Introduce yourself…

Day 11:
Introduce yourself to someone you know but have never spoken with….

This is a tough challenge for me because I talk to EVERYONE. I opted to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce myself to the fellow that works at the Stop N Go. He is there EVERY single time I go there but he rarely talks back to me. So today’s challenge was an effort to get him to talk to ME. I went in to purchase a Diet Coke and said “Hi, it’s totally crazy that I don’t know your name, right?” Smile. Silence. “I’m Kelly.”
He replies, “I remember when you guys moved in, it’s been about six months now?” Still no name out of my friendly Stop N Go cashier. So, I tried another tactic.
“Do you work every day open to close? I’ve never been in here when you’re not working. I feel like I should know your name.”

He smiles. Tells me his name.

Edited to add: I confess, five days later…. I went in this morning to get a soda. He said “Hello, Kelly!” and I smiled and waved… and I don’t for the life of me remember. So I feel like a heel….. while I may have succeeded at introducing myself to a stranger, I felt like a dipshit for failing to recall his name.

One response to “Day 11: Introduce yourself…

  1. oh you are definitely a chip…I still smile occasionally (or is that chagrin?) at my pre-thanksgiving “what guy?”

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