Day 24: Barter Day

Today’s challenge was to barter for something.  I had prepared another response to this barter challenge, but was negligent in getting it written up…  and then yesterday something happened that was really quite possibly the biggest offer of a barter to the Universe I may have ever offered.

So here goes….


Dear Universe,

Today I offer you one used IUD.  In addition to my used IUD I will provide daily temp readings and diligently record my fertile periods in the hopes of carefully tracking my luteal phase.  In return I ask one very small thing.  Please do not let me get pregnant any time in the next 8 months.  May 1, 2011 sounds good to me.  A perfect day to get knocked up.  I haven’t really asked a lot of you, Universe.  For the most part I try to take responsibility for myself.  But for this one small thing…. I know I need you behind me, if you’re out there.   Please, forgive me, Uterus, whom I have scraped with creepy copper arms for the last four and a half years.  I am giving you almost eight months to get back in fighting shape.  I promise I will feed you good food, and probiotics and folic acid and everything you could possibly ask for … if you’ll give me just one more chance.  To grow just one more…. but not yet.  Please.. ..

4 responses to “Day 24: Barter Day

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