Day 18: Kill, kill, kill!

This wasn’t a challenge I was particularly jazzed about.  I’m not big on killing things and today’s goal of killing something left me a little disinterested.   SO much so that I considered using today as an excuse to write about my kefir slugging habits and the resulting death of the funk that grows in my intestines.  But ultimately I decided that didn’t even interest ME enough to write about it.   SO I decided against it.

And they really do drive me beyond nuts.  I don’t know what it is about them… their sense of entitlement?  The buzzing noise… I dunno.  But they make me nuts.  We get awful flies in our house when we leave the back door open for a moment.  I am guilty of this on occasion and the shortest member of our household does it on the  regular so I thought I’d get the chance to kill a fly today.  And then regale you with the tale of my Fly Homicide.  No luck.  And not because I didn’t end up with a few of those bastards in my house.  I just couldn’t catch them.

My luck turned around Sunday afternoon when Emily was catching bugs in her bug catcher.  She had what I believe was an aphid in her bug catcher when I smooshed it down to put it back in it’s carrying case.   I thought the bug catcher was empty at the time.  Much to my secret delight she cried “Moooom, you killed it!”  I unzipped her bug catcher and removed an itty bitty little aphid.  Unmoving.  I apologized both to the bug and to Emily.  And considered this challenge completed.

About twenty minutes later the aphid I believed to be deceased righted itself and stroller across the table.   SO… I failed.  I failed at killing bugs.  But I succeeded in managing my intestinal flora, killing the bad oook and replenishing it with a perfect balance of bacteria.  And I’m more than unhappy to chat you up on this subject.  All you gotta do is ask….

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