Day 37: Mum’s the word…

Man… I am disappointed to report that today’s challenge is another in a string of challenges I am failing before I ever really begin… I peeked at the challenges coming up in the next few days and I am pleased to report I shall be attacking them!

But today… Day 37:  Eat and Run, dine and dash, chew and screw, fuck your waitress (and not in the way you hoped when at your favorite bar in your twenties…)  I won’t be participating today.

I don’t have a lot of moral platitudes I hold dear.  But “what goes around comes around…” I can’t help but believe.  The karmic boomerang is not something I’m willing to tempt.  My luck has turned around so significantly in the last few years that I am not about to start stiffing waitresses.  Heh.  In most restaurants if your table walks out you are responsible for picking up the check yourself.  Depending on the size of the tab this can eat up most of what you’ve made that night.  I can remember in college, working at Berret’s as a Pav Girl (What! What! Shout out for my Pav Girls (and Mike P, Jason, Andre and Joey, who were (in my heart) Pav Girls) I had a few tables walk out.  It was so easy to do there, the Pavilion had entrances at all of the corners and a restroom only inside so it was easy to lose track of your customers.  Fortunately for me I was typically well lubricated by bourbon and gingers and never really felt the pain of picking up some bozos $40 tab… but still…. I know whereof I speak.  I didn’t bring you buckets of Bud Light, let you talk shit to me all night for the pleasure of picking up your check at the end of the night.  So I just can’t bring myself to do it….

Now… lest you think I don’t have a single shred of “stick it to the man” in me…  oh, but I do.  I stopped at Food Lion the other day.  Mums were two for $10.  I told the kid at the checkout counter that I wanted four.  He looked at me blankly, as I had nothing in my hands to ring up, they were all still outside.  I said “They’re two for $10, you need to ring up the SKU for mums at that price twice.”  Again… a blank stare.  He charged me $10.

I totally put four mums in my trunk.  Take that, Food Lion.  Shhh…

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