Day 61: How Symmetrical Is Your Face?

Day 61 asks you to measure your face with string and to calculate the distance between your center line and each pupil, the corner’s of your mouth, etc and ultimately determine just how symmetrical is your face.   Several years ago a study was released that showed that “attractiveness” can essentially be measured across cultures (and species) by determining  just how symmetrical a person’s physique is or is not.

I tried to measure my face with a piece of tape (this was highly amusing!) and quickly became frustrated with my process.  And as a person that was secretly concerned that she was going to do all these calculations only to determine that she was actually ugly… well, I wasn’t trying to spend all day getting it done.  With a little googling I found a website that could help me out.

I think I might have had better results if I’d not taken the picture myself, since it is virtually impossible to get a full frontal (heh) face picture without a little tilt.  But here we go….

My original picture: (showcasing the marks on my nose from my glasses, the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep and my crow’s-feet, proof positive that it is in no way touched up.)


And here’s what I’d look like if both sides of my face looked like the left side:

Like a pinhead… which is not really that far from the truth. But a pinhead with a kind of cute cupid’s bow, no?

And the right side:

So what did I take away from this assignment?  A few things.  One – I need to invest in some decent under eye concealer.  Or kick everyone out of the bed for a night or two and get some sleep.  Two – My bangs are really growing out finally… it almost looks like I have these layers on purpose.  And three – I kinda think the right side duplication pretty much looks like me.  Leading me to believe that my face is pretty damn symmetrical.  Thus… in the least few  days I have determined that I am not crazy and that I am beeeyoootiful.  Or that  a primate would likely mate with me.  Or something.

7 responses to “Day 61: How Symmetrical Is Your Face?

  1. I don’t really think people are symmetrical.. you got me thinking though. Now I want to check what would the symmetrical me look like.

    Either way, symmetrical or not…. You are beautiful, Kelly :)

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  3. This is an usual experiment! Really cool. Your sides are similar for sure, but not the same. Yes, you are beautiful!

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