Day 40: Time to Lighten Up

Today’s challenge was to play a practical joke on someone.  I had considered trying to pull it off at work.  I was going to replace the sugar at work with salt and get a giggle when someone had a foul cup of coffee… but I’d have missed out on the most important part of a practical joke, the reveal.

I considered a good old “Kick Me” sign… because really… what’s not to like about a “Kick Me” sign?  Somehow it takes on an even funnier element when slapped on the back of someone in the workplace.   But today turned in to the kind of day where I never saw a soul at work, but for a brief moment here and there.  (Which was not a terrible thing since I am wearing a marginally too short dress for work in order to add a teeny bit of Wow factor while picking up the main squeeze at the airport.)  I bring Business Casual to new lows regularly but I do my best to pass the “finger tip test” popular in high school dress codes.  (Students may not wear short skirts or dresses which do not extend past the fingertips when the student’s arms are extended down the sides of her legs.)

Back to my practical joke… I picked up MQD at the airport.  He has a mild flying phobia that seems to be well handled by a couple of pints and a Lorazepam so he was in good spirits when I picked him up.  I swung by the house and dropped him off and stopped at the gas station at the end of our street.  Upon exiting the convenience store I noticed two things.  1.  A couple of gentleman parked several parking spots from me had noticed I failed the “finger tip test.  2.  MQD’s car had just pulled in to the parking lot.

The combination of these two things afforded me an opportunity AND an audience.  I had just gotten back in my car and smiled at the two guys parked near me.  I jumped back out of my car and dropped down to the ground, carefully sneaking up to the edge of my car so I could keep an eye on MQD.  As soon as he got to the door I ran up behind him and screamed.  It was great.  I got a great, big “Ohh, man, whaaaat?” from MQD and a terrific giggle out of the guys in the car parked at the Buy & Go. MQD gave me a big old smooch and yelled at the guys “What?  I don’t even know her!!!”

Good times.  We all got a good laugh.  And I figure even a handful of hours after his plane took off there was still enough Lorazepam pumping through the man’s veins to keep him from actually crapping in his pants.

The scene of the crime and my victim wondering what?  what else you got for me?

One response to “Day 40: Time to Lighten Up

  1. Rochelle van den Broek

    Love it! Although, a crap in the pants would have added a whole new element to this story. ;)

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