Day 34: Do your part to put an end to torture

Today’s challenge suggests you write a letter to a world leader, and encourage them to put an end to torture.

His Excellency The President Ernest Bai Koroma,

I am writing to request that you continue to support Free Care for Pregnant Women, Lactating Mothers and Children Under Five. Just one year ago you had one of the highest rates of maternal deaths in the world. The support you have shown for the women of Sierra Leone and their children speaks to me directly as a woman and as a mother. I also believe that it speaks out to the leaders of other countries that are trying to keep their nation’s people alive. Maternal health care is a vital part of achieving this goal.
Your decision to launch your program supporting women’s right to health care on April 27, 201, the 49th anniversary of Sierra Leone’s independence, was a decision to take a strong stand.

The World Health Organization reports that maternal death rates have declined by nearly 33% this year. I believe this is happening because of decisions such as yours to speak out and take action.

Thank you for your dedication to maternal health, for supporting Amnesty International’s efforts to make maternal health a human right’s issue.


When I was in high school I was active in our Amnesty International club. In the last decade I have taken a stronger interest in domestic issues, maternal health, breastfeeding, etc…. This seemed like a good opportunity to research what was happening regarding women’s health on an international scale. In doing so I found that just this week the U.N. had a large conference and maternal health was a major part of their discussion. I am really pleased to see this.

This clock appeared this week in Times Square.

If you care to sign up with Amnesty International to take a part in their annual letter writing campaign you can do so at their website.

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