Day 49: Citizen’s Arrest

Impropriety: The quality or state of being improper, not in accordance with decorum.

Day 49’s challenge was to make a citizen’s arrest.  While it would have been a lot funnier to “arrest” a stranger the opportunity to arrest my mom and step-dad was too great to ignore.  MQD and I had plans to get our “wedding tattoo” on Friday evening and my parents were coming in to town, too.  We planned to meet at Carrburritos and then stop in to Glenn’s to go over our art work, leaving Emily with my parents for a bit.  MQD and I anxiously awaited Paulie finishing up the last-minute tweaks to our artwork while Em took a stroll around Franklin St with my family, stopping at Time After Time to do some shopping.

Our idea to memorialize our eternal wedded bliss on our skin was to combine the Sailor Jerry anchor and the “Stewed Screwed and Tattoed.”

I think we were successful.  I couldn’t be any happier with the way they turned out.  Not only did I get to share this occasion with my betrothed. But…. as I was laying on my stomach, teeth clenched, tattoo gun buzzing away behind me, making idle chit-chat with the other fellow in the shop getting work done I heard my favorite sound.  “Hi, Mom!”  And I looked up to see my sweet five-year-old girl.  In her Cinderella dress.  And four new bracelets.  And a new ring.  And  new pink fuzzy hat.  And my mom.  And my step-dad.  And buzzz….. fuck that hurts.

And I was getting a tattoo.  And my daughter was there.  Surely worth a citizen’s arrest of my mom and my step-dad, David.  Who brings a five-year-old to a tattoo shop?

So, Mom and David, consider yourself arrested.  Thanks for hanging out with Ems while we finished up a few wedding details.

3 responses to “Day 49: Citizen’s Arrest

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  2. I am so glad you got the final picture up. The whole photo is great, but then her eyes! No wait – her cheeks! No Wait – her…smile?? – – All too good. Me likey!

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