Day 39: Learn Swedish

Day 39: Learn Swedish.

I’m working on it.  And if I am lucky I won’t be alone in my efforts.  So far today I have learned that when you ask someone to “Listen Up!”  it looks a LOT like “Whore Up.”  Not to be confused with “Man Up” and not to infer that men don’t listen.

I am not alone in my efforts to follow Benrik’s book.  But a few of the Laydeez along for this ride have been slacking lately… Below is a fine example of some facebook shit talking and some Swedish being laid down!

Oh.  And P.S.  Six, as in the number… yeah, it’s totally “sex” in swedish.  Upon learning this…. I am hysterical.  A six-pack…. I just wanna know how to order a “Sex Pack” of Bud Light in Swedish….

Sigh… one day, I’m gonna be so grown up.  Until then…

Gimme some love!! Please?

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