Secret Agent Man….

To everyone he meets he stays a stranger….

Today’s challenge was to release your inner secret agent.  I was not terribly successful releasing my inner secret agent.  In large part because I work in the boondocks.  I went outside a few times today, triggering a longing for a time when I smoked at work and I could go sit outside on my ass a few times a day, but the only people I saw the great majority of the day were my neighbor’s kids.  I waved and tried to appear secretive… but it seemed to garner very little attention.

Later when the kids were riding their bikes I turned my blind’s up and back a few times.  Just to see if  they’d ride over and see what I was up to.  Nothing.

This left my last option at secret agent activity.  There’s a weird dude that is walking up and down on the street where I work nearly every day.  I see him either on my way to or from work five days a week.  I didn’t see him in the morning of this challenge so I was willing to bank on seeing him in the evening.  Sure enough as I turned left away from work I spotted him. Always in a white tshirt, crisp blue jeans and a white do-rag.  And face covered in sweat.  He’s one of those guys that seems to just sweat all over his face and it doesn’t seem to pour down his neck, it just hangs on his face, as if his sweat os more gelatinous than most sweat.  I hope he keeps walking in to the fall so I can see what he looks like sans sweat.  I can’t really imagine it as of yet.

So today, as I drove by him, instead of my half hearted wave I pointed at him and then made the international sign language symbol for “telephone” with my hands and nodded my head knowingly.  We’ll see if he can figure out just how to “call me.”  And if he ever does… you can be sure I’ll tell him that the “eagle flies at midnight.”

Gimme some love!! Please?

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