Day 64: Live MAIL! Free Money!!

Day 64 has me smiling!  Because it’s fun, back in the spirit of the book and the challenges.  Smack dab in the middle of PMS Town, no less, I am grinning.  Go, me.  Day 64’s challenge “Today send a letter at random with a  photograph of yourself and  a $5 bill with no return address, see what comes of it.”

So, if you think I don’t know your address and you’d get a kick out of a five spot and a picture of yours truly leave me an anonymous  comment that will make me keep smiling.  I’ll pick one of you at random and drop you a line, a picture  and enough cold hard cash for a cup o’ Joe.  I’ll delete the comments immediately so your address isn’t out on the interwebz for all to see.  And you can put a BS email in the email line.  Actually, come to think of it, anyone that bothers to give me their mailing address in the next day or two will get something in the mail.  But one of you lucky ducks will get a five spot.  Shit, I ought to pay you for reading.  It’s still cheaper than the therapist.

I’m waiting on you…

19 responses to “Day 64: Live MAIL! Free Money!!

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  2. Mail! fb messaging my address!

  3. I dont want the $5.00 but would love a pic of you. I miss you dearly.

  4. Ready to move to the post office?

    (Hmm… Another one I have a guess about, but I should really see you more often than I do, since you’re only 6 minutes from my Mom’s house…)

  5. Address removed – and I have NO IDEA who this is!! ;P – K

  6. always up for free somethings. emailing address separately, although its not as if spammers troll the web looking for people to junk mail with real stamps and whatnot.

  7. I’m with Eme….a photo with an autograph. Gotta get my copy now before you go and get all famous!

  8. I think you’ve definitely eaten more than $5 worth of Doritos and cake frosting at my parent’s house over the years, but I’d really love another magnet :)

  9. educated neanderthal

    I have a guess…. based on region alone, but I am not sure who the Educated Neanderthal is, either…

  10. I just want something as fun and lovely as a pic of you in the mail in lieu of bills! <3

  11. Please send mine too:

    Mark Rogers
    5 spot, Lucky Duck Lane
    The Middle of PMS Town, USA. 87112

    Please do not include Anthrax.

  12. The question is not who wants mail from you, but Who wouldn’t want mail from you…. I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy some! I am going to give you a PO Box that I use, this will give me some motivation to actually go to the Post Office and check it! Expecting something from you will be worth all the effort!

  13. Ohhhh! ME! Save on postage!

  14. oh me me .. send me something. I love snail mail. :) an anonymous comment? I think it’s too late for me to be anonymous.

  15. I so want mail from you (money or no). It would almost complete the modern day communication progression and get us one step closer to actually meeting each other: forum–>facebook–>email–>phone–>snail mail–>awkward irl meeting.

    Also, yer nails er purty.

  16. You know I read your blog every day but have never commented before :)

    (Address Removed… and another one I am not so sure who you are….. but I am glad you’re playing along.)

  17. I want free crap in the mail!!! Plus, tomorrow’s my birthday, so I really think I deserve it. I’ll be 22.

    (Address removed: Heh. 22. Me, too… )

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