Day 70: Take this quiz to find out if you’re a Psychopath

Day 70: Take this quiz to find out if  you’re a psychopath.

Do you Posses these Traits?

Not at all: 0 Sometimes: 1 All the Time: 4

1. Glibness & Superficial Charm ~ (1)You can’t be a bartender and fancy yourself and actress if you can’t pull off superficial charm and a glib response to most any situation.

2.  Grandiose self worth ~ (0) I think of all my faults an elevated sense of self worth is certainly not one.

3.  Tendency towards boredom ~ (4) This would mean I am smart, right?  Don’t all smart people get bored.  If it requires only a teeny bit of your brain to get through the day don’t you think you’d be inclined to get a wee bit bored on occasion? Lucky for me my tendency towards boredom is paired with an ability to be easily entertained.  So, boredom passes quickly.

4.  Pathological lying ~ Nope.  Honest to a fault.  I think the only person I lie to on occasion is myself.  When there are things I am not ready to see…

5.  Cunning and manipulative behavior ~ (1) Again, aren’t all reasonably smart people capable of being cunning and manipulative?  It’s not the way I would prefer to get what I want, and with those closest to me I find it never works (maybe because I surround myself with people that are bright?) But I could not in good conscience say Never.

6. Lack of Remorse ~ (0) Nope, not ever.  I apologize for things that are not even my fault, like the weather.

7. Shallow affectations, monotone voice ~ (0) Ha.  Ummmm….. no.

8.  Lack of empathy ~ (0) Nope.  I have so many emotions to spare I like to go ahead and suck up and then express the feelings of anyone who even looks my direction.

9. Poor behavioral control ~ (1ish…) I wish I could give myself a 2.  Behavior?  That’s a vague word.  I have ZERO control over my feelings and emotions and they come out whether I want them to or not.  For example, I might be very angry (and unfortunately, anger makes me bawl.) And those angry tears would come flooding out of my eyes whether I wanted them to or not, but I could totally stop myself from actually throwing a chair at someone.  That warrants a 2, no?

10.  Parasitic lifestyle ~ (0) Nope.  I like to make my own way.  Mostly I like to call the shots, and you can’t do that when you’re living on someone’s couch.

11.  Promiscuity ~ Is there a score for a reformed 4? I’ll say 1 to account for my youth and balance out my serial monogamy of the last decade and a half.

12.  Behavioral problems early in life ~ (0) Not unless a tendency to kiss ass and apply for the position of Teacher’s Pet is a behavioral problem.

13.  Lack of realistic long term plans ~ (4) I struggle with this big time.  Not because I make unrealistic plans but because long term goal planning leaves the door open for failing to achieve them. And that kind of thing gives me hives.

14.  Impulsiveness ~ (4)  A trait I don’t hate.  I am grateful to have pretty kind impulses for the most part.

15.  Irresponsible behavior ~ (1) If staying up too late to watch crappy horror movies with the main squeeze is irresponsible I am guilty.  If blowing off dinner on occasion in favor of a glass or three of wine is irresponsible, again, guilty.  “Call me unreliable, throw in undependable, tooooo…” Ahh, Frank…

16. Failure to accept the consequences for your actions ~ (1) I think all of us fail to see the consequences of our actions occasionally, so we fail to accept them at first.  I contend this makes me human.

17.  Many marital relationships (1) Umm… I’d guess 2 marriages would give me a score of 1?

18.  Juvenile delinquency ~ (0) Nope.  I preferred my delinquency of age.

19.  Callousness ~ (0) Not a bit.

20.  Criminal versatility ~ How’s about a 1 or a 4?  I mean, I sure as shit hope I am criminally versatile should the need arise.  If you could only pull off one kind of crime wouldn’t your options be limited? Given the wide range of ways I have figured out how to make a living on the straight and narrow… I trust I’d score a solid 4 here if I put my mind to it.

*For more reliable results ask a friend to answer this for you, Surrender to police if you score over 40.

I can breathe a deep sigh of relief.  In all sincerity, speaking of mental health… I just finished an amazing book.   In college I was in a play “The Color Wheel” written by an amazing young woman, Stacy Pershall, that I also had the pleasure of meeting way back when.  Recently she was on my mind so I hunted her down on facebook, and found out she was expecting some Big News! This past month her memoir has been released and it is incredible.  Read it. Enjoy it.  Share it.  Her story needs to be heard.

Stacy Pershall’s Loud in the House of Myself: Memoirs of a Strange Girl can be purchased at Amazon or hopefully at an independent book store near you!!


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  1. I’m TOTALLY doing this

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