Day 3

Day 3: Today throw something away that you like.

Well, fuck me.  Yesterday was a breeze and today?  Not so much.  As soon as I read the challenge I knew it had to be a pair of shoes.  Recently in my home there was a heated discussion regarding amount of space my shoes occupy in our home.  It is a little bit out of control, I admit.    To the point that I have an extended bonus shoe area in our laundry room for the shoes that rarely make it on to my feet but that I simply can not part with at this time. And my out of season shoes.  And my only occasionally needed for costumes or super fun times shoes.  See?  I’m making excuses already.

So, this morning I went in to the laundry room and took a long cold look.  I decided that when I lived at the beach perhaps it was necessary to have 8 pairs of flip flops.  More than necessary.  I even have flip flops whose entire purpose was to wear when I thought I might get tanked and lose them.  Since I no longer live at the beach and only very, very rarely get intoxicated enough to lose my footwear (or at least I don’t leave my house anymore, so these shoes are not necessary!) I elected to let go of a very nice, very serviceable pair of black reef flip flops.

I put them in my car and on the way to the dentist I stopped here.

Before I said goodbye to my flipflops I was sad…

And then I remembered that it was probably meant to be. After all the really fucking fabulous pair of RED (who the fuck throws away RED shoes EVER??? Whether they fit or NOT!!!!!) wedge Steve Madden sandals that haven’t fit since I was four months pregnant were already in there.  I threw them in the other day.  The same day I cleared another shelf on the shoe shelf in our closet for MQD’s shoes.  I haven’t worn those shoes in 7 years.  They have lived in four homes, had a husband, a baby, a divorce and two different boyfriends  and they still hadn’t seen the light of day.  It was time to set them free.  Fair.  But these flip flops?  I wore them just last summer.  They knew what was going on.  But I found solace in knowing that perhaps they’d recognize the Steve Maddens.  And I felt a little better.

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