No jokes about whether or not I am of “sound mind”

And to my oldest daughter I leave my shoe collection.

Day 92 suggests you go ahead and write a will right there on the pages of the book.  It is silly, listing your prized possessions, your CD collection, your tupperware, your debt, your secrets…

Once again this ridiculous book is synced up with my “real life” in a way that I was not prepared to think about.  Sometimes I move through a day and I consciously choose not to think about it, not to write about it, not to process it.  This is still a step ahead from the Ignore This Necessary Part of Life Altogether method of my youth.

A few weeks ago we sat down at the kitchen table and we filled in the blanks. What will happen to our kids if something happens to us?  Our life insurance policy would cover our house, right? None of this is fun.  None of it is “best case scenario.” None of it is “happily ever after.”

I still don’t want to write about it.  It took me two weeks to open the legal envelope from the lawyer’s office and review the final draft.  I did it this morning.  With a princess pencil.  It didn’t make it any easier.


10 responses to “No jokes about whether or not I am of “sound mind”

  1. I am a slacker ..its a must ! HVe to get on this

  2. Yeah, I should probably do that too, but I don’t really have anything. lol

  3. No one is laughing Kelly. Smart move and not easy to do – if it were we would all do it sooner. Now, take the next step – medical power of attorney and end of life directives. Make those choices for yourself, don’t let some medical person who does not know you decide for you.

  4. I’m sticking with the immature, childlike approach and ignoring all this.

  5. Thanks, Kelly – good reminder for all of us to look into setting-up Wills, etc. It is exhausting to even think about… – maybe that’s why we haven’t. :) Your helpful post may inspire us to get our own stuff in order and others. You go!

  6. Way to do the grown up thing. I really need to do this. Thank you for the push :)

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