Pots and pans

If you knew me when I was in my 20’s you probably already know that I am a huge advocate for the legalization of marijuana. I don’t think it needs to be legal to have four trash bags of weed in your garage, but a few plants in your back yard or a quarter of an ounce (the marijuana equivalent of a pony keg) – I just don’t see what the big deal is.

So, that’s how I feel about pot.

But pots? I kind of have a problem with pots. And pans. A few is never enough. If one sauce pan is great, three is better. In my lifetime the addiction that I seem to be cultivating to pots and pans is far more threatening than any addiction to marijuana I might have developed.

In this morning’s triumphant return to Keep Trash Donate I am pushing the boundaries of my comfort. I am cleaning out my pots and pans.

Keeping: A fabulous new set of pots and pans, big thank you to my mother in law. Trashing: A strange assortment of lids I have been carting around for years.
Donating: A random sampling of duplicates I have acquired through the merger of mine and MQD’s homes.


My fingers are crossed that I put the new pots and pans in the cabinet with the appropriate lids and that there was no confusion regarding the trash and donate piles. I had an eager little helper.


In case my scintillating tale of the acquisition of some new pots and pans and the subsequent purging of the old does not captivate you, enjoy this little tune.

The Kills – Pots & Pans

31 responses to “Pots and pans

  1. I have exactly one shelf to fit said pots and pans. The really big ones sit outside as a makeshift rainwater catchment system. When we make a big pot of chill, there’s much scrubbing to be done.

    I feel like this admission makes me seem like I live on the wrong side of the tracks.

  2. Seriously, I have NO Idea where the lids to my pots go. And if someone is stealing them, why do they just need a lid? Tupperware is the same way.

  3. We just did the pot drawer clean-out this weekend. We had an excess of 5 lids with no undercoverings to match. I don’t know how this happens. And they are useless on their own. You can’t eat off them and they can’t be put under plants to collect water. Plus, they make the garbage bag heavy.

  4. I have random plastic container lids, but since I only have four pots – no make that five – to my name, I can keep track. I love babies, and dogs, and pots and pans though. They are the best! Very cute.

  5. Last week, she was on the porch, leaving home, in a diaper. This morning you have her cleaning your kitche. In a diaper. When you gonna get that kid an apron? Or some shoes and a backpack? :-D

  6. You and I have a lot in common…well…not a lot…actually one thing in common: dog. Let’s call that….good? Yes. Good. Any chance Jots could be invited to that garage sale (you are having one aren’t you?). I could use another hundred lids….

  7. Funny, I don’t see a problem here. I have a double cabinet under the cooktop that is nothing but pots and pans! LOL

  8. Another one of life’s great mysteries is WHERE THE HELL DID THE LID TO THIS POT GO?!

  9. I keep buying pans, I have pans of all sizes, pans of all shapes but I only use 2 of them. I have 3 woks, only use 1, don’t give the other 2 away because what if I need them later on?
    Pots however, I have 2, need to get more but nothing convince me, it’s like getting knives, nothing is good enough, and if they are they are crazy expensive.
    Gotta love your helpers in the kitchen.

  10. Kelly,
    Idem. That’s right.
    Le Clown

  11. I love having a cupboard full of pots and pans, but you have excess lids? how do you manage that? At work we have loads of pans with no lids but never the other way around! As for pot…well I don’t see any issue with people using it occasionally but I avoid it now a days, the paranoia was waaay too bad for me to use it now. Keep a couple for your little helper to play with! lol.

  12. Can’t see why anyone would be upset about a few “pot” plants around the house :)
    Pans, on the other hand, well I just don’t approve at all. They remind me that some people out there expect me to cook. I could swear my marriage agreement stipulated he would do all the cooking but I’m finding myself having to do so and, all to often, he wants more than one meal a day as well. Somethings gone terribly wrong here.

  13. I so know what you mean about random lids. When we moved 5 years ago, any lid that didn’t have a pot went to the kitchen in the sky. Five years later, I’ve still managed to keep a balanced pot to lid ratio.
    I see you actually have two eager helpers, if you ever need another, I have one who loves to do dishes.

    • Ha! My four legged helper is big on doing dishes. But he doesn’t get to lick nearly as many dishes as he used to now that he has a free flowing snack source.

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