This morning Le Clown and his motley crew only needed to raise $355 more dollars to meet their goal!!


For the love of prostates make a donation!! Lucy’s mustache still hasn’t come in but the hair on her head is just barely representing. It is not for lack of trying!!

We take Movember seriously in our house and so should you. I have a dad, a stepdad, a father-in-law, a husband and an ex-husband. Without any one of these men the lives of all three of the women in the picture above would be wildly different. We are lucky that we have all five of them in our lives. One man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. One man in the five listed above has already beat it.

Donate if you can. And if you can’t – tell six men you love to make an appointment to see their doctor.  We’re serious. Just call them up and say “Hey, I love you.  Make a doctor’s appointment, please.”

You’ll feel good once you did. I promise.


24 responses to “Movember!!!

  1. Ahhh my hubby has the GROSSEST mustache going on for Movember! He says he’s shaving it at Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait!

  2. Great pics, Kelly. Sent my donation yesterday for Le Clown. Today, I have to send more to be able to pick out Weeb’s picture…

  3. That’s a whole lot of precious AND it’s all for a great cause. Awesome post :)

  4. Oh god – baby is so cute in every single blog entry!! And with a bowtie?! *faints*

  5. These pics are TOO ADORABLE…C rocks…you rock in helping the cause!!! Awesomeness.

  6. Um…YES. The bow tie is an acceptable representation of future staches. And if you had a hundred more of these pics in varying degrees of facial expressions, I would look at them all.

  7. I’ve never turned tricks. Not ever!! However…they are fee based, right?
    It would be for the Movember cause, right? Who cares about lies and fake diamonds when, now, I can turn tricks for a good cause…..

  8. As my daughter would say, these pictures are stinking adorable!

  9. You guys are craaaaazy adorable.

  10. Kelly,
    You girls are the absolute best. Many heartfelt thanks. ‘Staches have never looked better.
    Le Clown

  11. You guys are all looking mad classy.

  12. JOTS just sold the dog and two cats, three open yet stale bags of crisps, several expensive fake diamond tiaras and one barely used magic wand guaranteed to work at…something. I donated and beg everyone to do the same….it wasn’t much of a donation…it was something of a donation. A small something but every something counts!
    OH….I lied about the dog and two cats…..all the other stuff is true.

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