In case I have not been adequately pimping myself out – did you know I am blogging my little heart put over here at One of Those Women?

One of Those Women

I always imagined having kids close in age.  I also imagined marrying Christopher Atkins and growing up to look just like a cross between Brooke Shields and Kristi McNichol.  Alas, life does not always deliver just exactly what I imagined.

On the subject of child spacing, what do you think of having one kid very much older than the other? I’ve got a four-year-old, the clock is ticking if we’re gonna press reset on the whole baby thing and do it again.
Tell me having kids 5-6-7 years apart is JUST FINE. I should also note that while Ava was super high-maintenance for like the first 2 years (all boob, zero bottles, zero pacifiers, OHMYGOD was that hard), she’s like no maintenance now. Plays independently for hours, doesn’t require discipline of any kind…she’s so good that other people brag about her, no joke. I am pretty legitimately scared that a…

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