Rudolf the Pregnant Reindeer

There really ought to be a law against being this pitifully pregnant….

and this stuffed up.  Although the red nose does add an attractive seasonal flair to my otherwise drab maternity ensemble.

11 responses to “Rudolf the Pregnant Reindeer

  1. I love reading this blog…but felt especially drawn when I too came down with the pregnant cold from heck. Can’t take anything and can’t sleep because I literally can’t put my dead down without having get up an blow. I wake with a end table filled with tissues and a VERY sore and red horn. Thanks for sharing Sniff,,,sdeeze… BLOWWWW! if only I could get some air thru;( Hope you’ve been free of this thing,,,I’b a bess!

  2. Thought of you…caught one of my patented nose colds just in time for spring. sdiff sdiff. My nose has taken on the lovely shade you presented to us. OUCH. Have you been free of the crud? If not..what do you take for rudolph nose? Just trying not to sneeze on my little ones. ACHOOOO HONK! ouchie

    • I have remained free of a cold since then!! I am a neti pot girl. :) Have you tried it?

      • not yet but i’m thinking about it. No air can get thru now on day 5. Worst part is the chapped nostrils. trying vasaline but it just stings. given your rudolph-esque horn- perhaps you have a better alternative? OUCH;(

  3. Oh you look so stopped up. When I Get a cold like that I blow like a fog horn and keep my little ones up all night. Tell me you not a honker too ;)

  4. you poor thing…had a nose cold like that a while back. How many kleenex boxes did you blow thru. Sure your all better now…but WOW. When you get em…you get em good.

  5. Did you hear about Rudolph the brown-nosed reindeer?
    He was just was fast as the others, but couldn’t stop as quick.

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