An Early Valentine

When you are a little kid you give a Valentine to everyone in your class.  You write their name meticulously. You write your name. You go down the list.  One for everyone.

As you get older you might write a little something extra on your nearest and dearest friends but you still give one to everyone in your class.  By the time you are in high school you probably don’t give a Valentine to your friends anymore.  And I think that is too bad.

So, today, the day before Valentine’s Day I want to give a Valentine to you, my readers, and to a friend of mine.


I went to high school with Karen.  But I didn’t really know her until she started pouring her heart and soul and all of her crazy out all over the Internet.  And now I wish that I could have some of those weird years in high school back so that we could say that we have “been friends” for twenty years.  A long, long time from now perhaps we will forget that we didn’t exactly hang out together much when we were in school.  Or that we have only actually seen one another twice in 19 years.  Look at that picture of us, we look like a couple of old friends. Happy Valentine’s Day, Karen.

And my early valentine to the rest of you? Karen moved her blog over to WordPress.  Give her a visit.  You will pop by to say hello because it is the nice thing to do.  And you will go back again and again because she is funny and kind and she will make you feel like it is okay to be a person.

She writes a blog called Honestly Uncomfortable and Uncomfortably Honest.  While her subject matter is sometimes uncomfortable she makes you anything but. She writes about her family, her battles with mental illness.  Oh, and poop.  She talks a lot about poop and I know y’all love that.  She will make you feel like you have known her for twenty years, too.  I promise.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day.  If we were in elementary school I would write each one of your names on a rectangular valentine with a glitter pen.  And then I would  fold it in half and close it with a sticker.  I sure would.

14 responses to “An Early Valentine

  1. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and what a lovely post. Nice to see someone sending out the love to everyone and how special to have developed such a great friendship.

  2. I loved getting a whole packetful of valentines in elementary. I definitely kept those until high school when it became apparent that I probably didn’t need to keep hundreds of mini-valentines anymore…

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Story of the Week Club! (That’s the most writing we’ve done in over half a year!!!)

  4. Happy Valentine’s Kelly! And yes we should never stop greeting our ‘friends’ on this day because it’s all about true innocent love with lasts strongly between friends always! Now I’ll better go to your friend’s blog and check out if I have known her for twenty years too!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I love you friend’s blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for the early Valentine, I popped over to your friend’s blog, lurked around and then clicked the follow button. :-)

    I wish this comment could be written all in hot pink glitter pen so it were more valentiney but you get what you get (and you don’t throw a fit…sorry, I could not help myself. I have been around my kids too long.)

  7. I feel loved. But I hope I’m never a person.

  8. Kelly.
    Happy Valentine’s Day… And done!
    Le Clown

  9. Happy Valentines! Latent friendships are sometimes the best. :D Also, I just wrote about those cards today. I guess there’e a law that if you live in NC you have to mention them on your blog today.

  10. You rock. Thank you for the awesome welcome to WordPress. And for figuring out we should totally be friends nearly 20 years after we weren’t friends at all.

  11. You are both beautiful — look at the matching smiles. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the kids who are now in their thirties doing all the things I was doing when I met them. It was absolutely the best time of my life — I wish I had known that then as I know it now.

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