Breaking up is hard to do

So is dieting.

I think breaking up and dieting are both really shitty ways to spend your time. So, instead of dieting I prefer to just eat healthy most of the time and commit to staying active.

Instead of breaking up I think we should just take a break. You and me. I know I said I would write every day this month. But I have something better to do. With family in town for the weekend I think I need to focus 100% of my energy on how really fantastic my kids are. Not everyone wants to talk about that I have recently noticed and I need to take full advantage.

Please don’t diet while I am gone. You’re probably already missing me. Don’t add insult to injury.

And if you are quietly rejoicing because you have come to the conclusion (as I have) that my plan to Keep, Trash and Donate all month long and regale you with tales from the inside of my closets and drawers is painfully dull perhaps even more boring than last Decembers Christmas countdown of ornaments?? Well, just keep that to yourself. I am a sensitive girl.

If you are bored in my absence may I suggest you play Pantyhose Face? or Frozen Pizza Box TV Face? Dieting and breaking up are both really difficult. Entertaining yourself shouldn’t be. And if you still need amusement? Go visit my friend, Le Clown at Clown on Fire. He thinks I am smart and funny. He has other good qualities but so far those are my favorites.

See you in a few days!

21 responses to “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Kelly, Funny!! I’ve never played those games. They look like a riot!

  2. I’m laughing so hard, I can hardly ty

  3. Over from Le Clown, and glad to see my first-ever, pizza-box face. Stunning!

  4. Just hopped over from Le Clown – which I guess you’ll be getting an awful lot of today. Anyway, well done and I’m so glad he linked to you – love your site.

  5. Have fun on your break! I accidentally took one too. Mine was from exhaustion though. Stupid time change. Kids and babies don’t get this! They just go to bed later and wake up at the same time! I just get less time to myself or force myself to stay up an extra hour for ME time. Which I did. It mostly involved nothing.

  6. I was enjoying the Keep Toss Donate posts! Makes me feel better about all the random shite I have around the house… :)

  7. Kelly,
    Here are some very scientific facts: you’re funny, and stuff. And people take “stuff” for granted… Do your readers know you will be taking the center stage of A Clown on Fire tomorrow? Lucky moi.
    Le Clown
    PS: Thank you… Although my post today was not really funny… Apologies.

  8. Pizza box face! I know what I am doing for my Friday night. Thanks!

  9. I promise not to diet. Ever. Breaking out the pantyhose for Piper and me now…

  10. Yes. Breaks are good. And so is that pantyhose face. I mean….

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