This Week in Pictures

I learned a few things this week.  Some of them more interesting than others.  MQD sent me one of his texts that ordinarily send me on a wild emotional ride.  The kind that start with “I would appreciate it if you would stop XYZ.”   They typically make me defensive and cry-y for a day or two but this week I had an a-ha moment.   I just listened and absorbed.  Put myself in his shoes and realized I am kind of a pain in the ass sometimes.  So, there was that.

Em started soccer and went to the orthodontist.  MQD and I  got our shit together and met with a friend to get our life insurance policies squared away.  Somehow that combination of events made me feel like a real Grown Up.

A lot happened.  And nothing happened.  It was a week, a regular week as a family  where nothing crazy happened.  No big life changing thought processing.  No crying jags.  I don’t know what happened exactly.  But I feel smarter and older than I was last Friday night.

So no big post this week, thought I’d share a few of the smaller things I learned this week via pictures.

I learned that getting your taxes done before April 15th makes you feel like you have your shit together.  And that it is totally possible to get your self and your two month old out the door at ten after seven in the morning to be there before 8 am!   And that getting some exercise after that is the only way to justify showing up in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  Taxes and exercise in one day? That was a good day.


Last time I went to Cary it was to get boudoir pics taken for MQD. This trip was not as titillating.

I learned that I need to learn to cut myself a break.   I’m trying to pull off the working a few hours a week, stay at home momming, working out regularly thing.  I don’t seem to manage my stress as well as Lucy.  Next time I am feeling overwhelmed I’m taking a page from her book and I suggest you do the same.  Sometimes you just need to take five.


Meeting running long? No problem. Take a nap.

For the zillionth time in my life I was reminded that just because a lot of people are doing it… it doesn’t mean I need to refrain, just on principle.  I was never the kid that did something just because everyone else was.  Rather I refused to do it, because it was too popular.  And guys, Words with Friends is good stuff.  I am so down with it.  For now.  Even if Nazis are unacceptable.

Not acceptable.

The last thing that I learned was the most practical. Moms are busy. And if you want to get everything done in a day, including some time for yourself, you need to plan ahead. This week I did just that. I’ve been trying to make it to an exercise class three times a week. And work a little here and there.  Twice this week I ran straight to work from class.  Changed in to a clean shirt at my car, sweaty sports bra and stinky vibrams swapped for a nursing bra and flipflops.  Changed Lucy’s diaper on the front seat and we were off.

Note to self: if you leave a poopy diaper and your stinky vibrams in your car and it is 75 degrees out…. roll your windows down.  For real.

In summary – Pay your taxes, take a nap, play scrabble and clean out your car.  It will make you feel awesome.  I promise.  Oh, and take a shower with a friend.

Happy National Cleavage Day

4 responses to “This Week in Pictures

  1. Sound advice! But I’m still not cleaning out my car. It’s how I decide if we can be friends. If your car smelled like diapers, but you’d worked out and were picking me up for margaritas, I don’t smell a darn thing.

  2. Seeking Joyful Simplicity

    I know that grown up feeling sometimes too!
    Oh, and I dread those messages from hubby – they make me angry, sad and sorry all in the same moment. Yeah for husbands who put up with our mood-swings, mental breakdowns, and manic-depression!!

  3. Are you for real that it’s National Cleavage Day? And now I’m off to play Words with Friends because I am trusting you. I am like you, I refuse to play along with big trends. But I’m gonna try it. Because you told me too. I hope you are right.

    Welcome back. I missed your posts :)

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