Wet and Wild

This morning was awfully exciting. Awfully. Exciting. “I think the HVAC is making a sound. Did you hear that?”

“Nope.” I am famous for not hearing things. And alternatively for hearing things that no one else can hear.

MQD pulls on some clothes and goes to take a look.

I got up. “Let’s make Daddy’s lunch, Lucy.” I walked in to the kitchen. I was going to make coffee first. But I didn’t. I have a big glass of water the moment I wake up. This morning I found I’d left my water bottle already filled on the counter last night. I started slugging back the first bottle of water of the day. I ran my hand through my hair and realized I’d not showered yesterday or this morning. I always shower. Every day. Always. Had any one of those things happened I’d have noticed we had no water pressure.

There is a knock at the back door. MQD. He looks like he has been swimming.


Long story short. The sound he heard was not a leaf stuck in our HVAC fan. It was water shooting everywhere in our crawl space. Our hot water heater died last night. And apparently a pipe attached to it burst.

I handed MQD a flashlight and immediately filled the Keurig before he turned the water off. I contemplated racing in to the bathroom to wash my hair but assumed that would make me appear insensitive to the larger problem.

So I made coffee.

And then I made a tank top out of a Jack Kerouac tshirt I have had since 1992.

And MQD called our home warranty company.

And I painted the vanity in our guest bathroom.

And MQD talked to the plumber that fixed our leak.

And I painted the cabinets in the master bathroom.

And MQD talked to the warranty rep and scheduled the delivery and installation of our new water heater.

And I took a freezing cold shower. And we went out for Mexican food. I wore my new shirt.

The moral of the story? Moral number 1 and 1.5: When I feel out of control I get shit done. And when my hair is dirty I wear the overalls I was wearing the day before. And when I wear my overalls I get shit done. Today was a double whammy of getting shit done.

Moral number 2: Get a home warranty. Your new hot water heater will cost you $60 and you will take yourself out for Mexican food.

And now I wait.  And worry.  I really want to paint my cabinets in my kitchen.  Today I got a new hot water heater.  And  I painted four doors and three drawers.  My kitchen has twenty three cabinets and fourteen drawers.  I guess the weekday that my roof caves in I will start painting in the kitchen.

Welcome to the early 90s. Feel the love of the warm oak cabinets. Some day…


7 responses to “Wet and Wild

  1. This weekend I channeled my Inner Kelly and I…
    …Painted the first coat of semi-gloss white on the stairway trim and handrails (it’s been this awful off-white pukey color since we moved in last year) in my overalls from high school that are totally falling apart but I love them
    …YouTubed what to do with the way-too-big free GEICO t-shirt I got at some random event and made a sorta tank top but it’s still really big and poofy.

    It was fun :)

    • Yes!!! Good work!! Overalls are magic.

      And the tshirt – run two seams up the sides. I had one that had a similar maternity shirt look to it at first.

  2. I am so jealous of your awesome Kerouac shirt. I blame On The Road entirely for my love of dangerous boys.

  3. LOVE the color on the bathroom cabinets! Sorry to hear about the explosion of water. And agreed about getting shit done when wearing almighty overalls. Finally, need to check out your Pinterest arts and crafts project — the tank is super-cute! Finally.5 — you’ve inspired me to paint — after 14 months living with multiple color swatches on the wall — the master bath this weekend, and perhaps the stair railing. Woo hoo! I’ll be wearin’ my overalls for sure :)

  4. I painted our kitchen cabinets once about four years ago and they wore really hard (I used an oil-based primer and low-VOC latex. In retrospect I think I needed some polyurethane on top, and maybe not oil+latex, but they are white and it may have yellowed…anyway…), so we were about to redo it before we decided to replace them with the IKEA ones as they fell apart in our hands. The old ones looked a lot like these but had terrible inset curvy wood things… But we had already gotten a kit of this stuff that I read a lot about called Cabinet Transformations. It sounds really excellent, and involves no sanding, so extra bonus there. Anyway, just watch out for the wearing issue, but I’ll bet you already are.

    • Yep. I am thinking about putting poly over them. I haven’t decided yet.

      I go back and forth about the cabinets in the damn kitchen. I’d love to just tear them out. Time will tell. Time and fund$. ;)

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