Pregnancy Brain

This morning I snapped a picture of the bag I packed last night. Packing the bag to take to the birth center has me a little flipped out.  I am not a girl that prepares for things ahead of time typically. And I most certainly do not pack in advance.  I like to start packing at 11:30 pm, somewhere around the middle of the second bottle of wine, for a longer trip.   Or while everyone is getting in the car I like to rush around and throw some things in a bag as I race out the door for  a long weekend.

So once I get packed, it means it is time to go. Or at least that is how my brain works.

So, as I prepared to leave the house this morning I made sure to take a picture.  Because I could have the baby any second.  I could  go in to labor.  Today.  Because I am packed.  Which means it is time to go.

And I thought about that as I made coffee.  As I put my lunch in my lunch bag. As I started the dishwasher.  As I locked the side door and said “Hop in the car, Fish.”

And I started to kinda mentally map out a little blog post about how the bag in our bedroom was giving me the creeps.

And maybe that was what I was thinking when I started to back straight down my driveway.  In to a ditch.

Straight down my not exactly straight driveway.  In to a ditch.  And a tree.

I sat there for a moment.  Stunned.  And then I started to laugh. Well, that’s some Pregnancy Brain right there.  Is there really any need to debate whether or not it is a real thing?  I can’t even back out of my own damn driveway? This was certainly better blog fodder than a picture of a black Eddie Bauer gym bag.

I was calm and cool until  while on the phone with MQD a woman stopped and looked at me, with pity, and asked me if I was okay.

And then I fell apart.  And I cried and told MQD I didn’t know what I was going to do.  That it was cold outside!!!  He calmly told me to go inside . Our house. Since I was in the driveway.  And call AAA.

Of course, AAA. I forget about AAA.  Because I do not prepare for things.  Like minor car troubles.  Or needing a tow.  Or going in to labor.  But I guess I do now.  Because I have a bag packed.  And a picture of our AAA card saved on my phone.  Texted to me by my patient husband.  As I tried to figure out how I was going to stay warm.  While standing in my driveway.  Staring at my car.

The chances are pretty good I won’t put my car in a ditch any time soon.  Since I have the number for AAA in my phone now. So, I wait.  And try not to think about the fact that since I have a bag packed…. I might never have this damn baby.



12 responses to “Pregnancy Brain

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  4. Oh the pregnancy brain! I’d say I got my mind back about 60% worth after the first one was maybe two or so but boy has it deserted me now. I just hit 6 months and it got markedly worse. I’m pretty scared what the next 3 months will be like.
    I especially love the looks my husband gives me when I walk into a room clearly meaning to do something or get something and then stand there looking completely lost. If only he could really understand what it’s like.
    Maybe I’ll have him read your post. It’s a pretty good example!
    Good luck and hopefully the next visit to your blog will bring good news!

  5. I am only laughing because I have so been there…..only I caused a whole lot of damage to my car and one poor garbage can…It was the Monday after Thanksgiving (equaling a very full garbage can) and I simply forgot to turn the wheel and I was driving straight! One woman stopped as I was picking someone else’s garbage can and just looked at my distressed face and said don’t worry, your brain will come back when that baby comes out! Thanks lady!

  6. Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way. I am only 7 months right now but having similar issues. Good luck with the birth. You are more ready than you know.

    • 7 months is definitely when it kicked in big time. Hold on. ;) If I recall correctly you are barely all there mentally from your last little one, right?

  7. “Pregnancy Brain” is hilarious! I laughed and laughed – not at you, or about what happened to you, but WITH you – if you can laugh at all in the condition you’re in. The hubris and irony of the packed bag somehow preventing you from having the baby is priceless Murphy’s Law. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you right now. Just know that you are loved, and that, if you feel like things can’t get any worse, chances are they’ll get better soon. My thoughts are with you. Wave

  8. I just read TWH your post. He responded with “So how are these people related to you??” When I asked him “What people??” he said “All these people you talk about from all these blogs. Y’all have GOT to be related somehow!!” Bahahahahahahaha!! Glad you & your car & your dog are ok & you found someplace to get out of the cold!! ;)

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