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Wet and Wild

This morning was awfully exciting. Awfully. Exciting. “I think the HVAC is making a sound. Did you hear that?”

“Nope.” I am famous for not hearing things. And alternatively for hearing things that no one else can hear.

MQD pulls on some clothes and goes to take a look.

I got up. “Let’s make Daddy’s lunch, Lucy.” I walked in to the kitchen. I was going to make coffee first. But I didn’t. I have a big glass of water the moment I wake up. This morning I found I’d left my water bottle already filled on the counter last night. I started slugging back the first bottle of water of the day. I ran my hand through my hair and realized I’d not showered yesterday or this morning. I always shower. Every day. Always. Had any one of those things happened I’d have noticed we had no water pressure.

There is a knock at the back door. MQD. He looks like he has been swimming.


Long story short. The sound he heard was not a leaf stuck in our HVAC fan. It was water shooting everywhere in our crawl space. Our hot water heater died last night. And apparently a pipe attached to it burst.

I handed MQD a flashlight and immediately filled the Keurig before he turned the water off. I contemplated racing in to the bathroom to wash my hair but assumed that would make me appear insensitive to the larger problem.

So I made coffee.

And then I made a tank top out of a Jack Kerouac tshirt I have had since 1992.

And MQD called our home warranty company.

And I painted the vanity in our guest bathroom.

And MQD talked to the plumber that fixed our leak.

And I painted the cabinets in the master bathroom.

And MQD talked to the warranty rep and scheduled the delivery and installation of our new water heater.

And I took a freezing cold shower. And we went out for Mexican food. I wore my new shirt.

The moral of the story? Moral number 1 and 1.5: When I feel out of control I get shit done. And when my hair is dirty I wear the overalls I was wearing the day before. And when I wear my overalls I get shit done. Today was a double whammy of getting shit done.

Moral number 2: Get a home warranty. Your new hot water heater will cost you $60 and you will take yourself out for Mexican food.

And now I wait.  And worry.  I really want to paint my cabinets in my kitchen.  Today I got a new hot water heater.  And  I painted four doors and three drawers.  My kitchen has twenty three cabinets and fourteen drawers.  I guess the weekday that my roof caves in I will start painting in the kitchen.

Welcome to the early 90s. Feel the love of the warm oak cabinets. Some day…