Fast Track

A week after we got married we were pregnant.  Last Thursday we started looking at real estate and this morning we put in an offer on a house.

Last night we went to kindergarten orientation.  I cried twice.  Once when she waved from the tippy top of the great big climbing apparatus on the playground  and again when she took my hand as we were leaving.

Considering the speed with which we like to get things done in this family … I think it is perfectly reasonable to feel like Em might graduate from high school before the end of the month.




3 responses to “Fast Track

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  3. You are doing the house thing at the exact right time. If the offer is accepted and you close in the next 2 or 3 months you get to very sincerely talk about how desperately you want to be help with the packing while being a lovely pregnant lily of the field.

    I got nothing on the Emily growing up thing. Crying seems like the right choice.

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