Watch & Learn

It was quiet.

I know better than to ignore the quiet.   Screaming.  Whining.  Yelling  Slamming.  Banging.  These are the sounds that say “Yep.  We’re all fine, Mom.” But quiet?

Quiet means you’d be smart to hightail into the room where your kids are playing and be prepared to freak out.

I was folding laundry in my bedroom.  Glamorous life, I know.  Lucy had been wandering back and forth between my bedroom and the living room making the “enh enh enh” sound that means “Pick me up and carry me around. There is nothing wrong with me but I am bored.” I had decided to tough it out.  I would just finish this last load, put it away and then I’d make up for not providing a challenging and age-appropriate activity for six minutes of the poor kid’s life.

But then it got quiet.

I made the foolish choice.  I folded like mad and decided to ride it out.  When I left my bedroom I had half a mind to just go straight to the kitchen for a Magic Eraser.  There was sure to be crayon on a wall.  I’d be grateful for crayon and not Sharpie.  Or maybe there would be a dumped over dog water bowl.

Much to my surprise my sweet girl was sitting quietly on the couch with the dog.  She pointed as soon as I saw her.

Goose & Fish

Her point was not at me.  It was at the television (which had been muted, so I didn’t realize it was even on.) She pointed.  And she didn’t move.  She sat like a stone and watched.


You recognize the start of those happy trees, don’t you?  My sweet girl that doesn’t watch television because she is shy of 16 months old and I am afraid I will turn her brain in to oatmeal or, even worse, create a kid that is incapable of amusing herself without a screen, was watching TV.

But not just any TV.  She was watching Bob Ross.


And I hope I didn’t ruin her because I sat down right next to her and said “Check this out. First he covers the whole canvas with Liquid White.  Watch and learn, kiddo. Watch. And. Learn.”

She was mesmerized. I can’t blame her.

11 responses to “Watch & Learn

  1. That picture is awesome. The expression of amazed wonder (and a touch of urgent concern because you might not look fast enough and you’ll miss it) on her face is absolutely priceless.

  2. yes, normally when it gets quiet here, it means they’ve all inhaled some hideous gas from their farties. (“fart parties” — i have only boys.) but Bob Ross? and the fan brushes for the happy trees? yes, this is good quiet. and i love that she’s hanging with the dog on the couch. ;)

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I had forgotten all about Bob Ross. Loved this :)

  4. That takes me back. Quiet Sundays with PBS in rural Tennessee. You only got three channels and one of them would have Bob Ross and his amazing paintings. His voice is even more soothing than watching the painting emerge.

  5. Amazing :) And she is soooo cute, so sweet!!!

  6. I came in late one night and found TWH & TB ( then two-ish) piled up in bed watching “Monsters of the Deep” on TLC. TB was riveted. We spent many a weekend morning watching Bob Ross make his “Happy” trees & bushes growing up. Good on Miss Lucy for discovering him on her own.

  7. Oh Bob Ross how could I have forgotten about you and your happy little trees? Your daughter has good taste in programing, and the dog seems to approve as well.

  8. That is a really cute kid. Recently, my daughter has gotten into the news, probably since her dad and I followed the bombing news. Once the bomber was taken into custody, though, the news wasn’t available 24/7. My daughter was distressed ’cause she couldn’t get her news fix. I eventually found the BBC News and she watched it happily for 1/2 hour. She’s 10.

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