Breaking News…

Sometimes I can be a little bit of a know-it-all.  And I imagine that makes living with me difficult occasionally.  I really try not to act like I am the Great Knower of All Things, constantly imparting my infinite wisdom.

Sometimes I really struggle with being seven years older than my husband.  I pull gray hairs from my head and I see his under 30 smile and I wonder what he sees in me.

And very occasionally these two facts combine and create a perfect moment in time.

MQD was born in July of 1983.  So when Billy Gibbons revealed  a global truth to the world that summer … MQD had just been born.  He was probably not listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40.  So, it’s possible he doesn’t know that “Every Girl is Crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man.”  And I am not about to tell him.


Side note: MQD, it is not only your bowtie that had me weak in the knees this morning (or this 800 pound kid of yours I am lugging around in my innards.)  But for the billionth time since we have moved in to our house I started to prepare to leave for work and the time had come to find my keys.  And there they were.  Hanging on the key rack.  I am pretty certain I have never hung them there.  So, lest you think it is only your “Clean shirt, new shoes…” that keeps me “runnin’ just as fast [ I ] can” in your direction… I’m not that shallow.  I also love you for keeping track of my keys.

6 responses to “Breaking News…

  1. Did he add gold plated Z’s to your keyring too? Don’t suppose he’d be interested in finding my keys while he’s in the joyous helpful spirit?

  2. Yay! Pumas unite! We’re too young to be cougars :) Andy is 7 years younger than me — and totally acts like he’s the grown up one. Sounds like we’re both lucky gals — xoxo.

  3. bow ties rock!!!

  4. hahaha, me too! I was thinking…wait, that was my junior year, lol!

  5. OK, that made me feel so old! Your husband was born my Junior year of high school.

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