A little bit creepy….

In preparation for attending Baby D’s arrival in to the world Emily and I have been watching some birth videos.  This morning I told her that she doesn’t have to be brave, she can just tell me what she really thinks.  “I think I want to be brave, but it might just get too creepy.  Like when the vagina just grows and grows… because you know it is going to have to get HUGE.”

Creepy?  I’ll give her creepy….. the kid is a shark.  She is growing a second row of  teeth BEHIND her baby teeth.

But I still made her cookies and let her flop on the couch and watch Annie on the iPad.  I mean… it IS kind of creepy.  All those HUGE vaginas.

Maybe there is room for me under that blanket…


3 responses to “A little bit creepy….

  1. Oh yeah? Wait’ll she finds out that the ever-growing vagina is caused by a ridiculous growing penis. Talk about creepy…

  2. I made my teenagers watch birth videos (not their own, they don’t exist) when I was expecting the twins and they both have decided they are adopting.

  3. I love reading your blogs you always make me laugh. Even as an adult the ever growing vagina’s scare me :)

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