Bird Party Redux

“Which one do you like better,” she asked.  “Mine or Mom’s?”  MQD had brought us both home an ornament as an early Christmas surprise.

Ever the diplomat MQD answered, “I like them both, for different reasons.”

Ever the six year old she asked again “But which one do you like better?”

MQD did not reply.

We ate in silence for a moment.

“Which one of us do you like better?” I asked, ever the smartass.

And all at once, all three of us began to laugh.

It was spring in my old apartment.  Em was still sleeping with me nearly all of the time.   We had a rule.  No getting out of bed until the sun is up and you hear the birds.  Some of my favorite times were those early morning conversations.  Before we got out of bed.  One morning she told me she heard the birds.  Only Em pronounced it then (and still does) “boids.”  I asked her what they were doing out there.  “Havin’ a boid pahty.”

There is little in this life that makes me smile more than a bird party.  But the three of us, sitting around the dinner table, laughing.  That even puts a bird party to shame.  And let me tell you… birds can get down.  Merry Christmas, Birds.

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