Honest you do…

In our wedding ceremony I included a bit about how I knew that MQD was “the one.”  I said it was our first Christmas together.

She realized that Mike listened to her. All of you that know Kelly know that this is no small task.   As you can imagine this was both exciting and terrifying.  She opened her Christmas presents and saw that each item was chosen because Mike had heard her.   A big bottle of Delirium Tremens, her all time favorite beer, a package of Nutter Butters, her all time favorite cookie, and an ee cummings compilation.  Her all time favorite poet.
He did it again.
The listening.
He was late coming home from work this evening and I asked him where he’d been.  He smiled that sly Christmas-y smile and wouldn’t tell me.  I assumed he’d been Christmas shopping.
With both hands behind his back he told both Emily and I to pick a hand.   She chose first and he said “Nope, wrong hand.”
I’ll cop to getting slightly more intrigued.  These were specific surprises, one for each of us.
Mine was a  key.  An ornament.  Many years from now it will be the ornament that MQD gave to me the year we bought our house.  The year that we were married.  It is perfect.
We don’t always talk about what I write here.  Sometimes I am not even sure he has read it.  But tonight I had one of those Sam Cooke moments… the moments where he sends me.  He is reading.  He is listening.  Message received.  Loud and clear.  Ornaments are important to his girl.
And he found me the perfect one.
Merry Christmas, MQD.  It was only three years ago that I knew.  When I “found myself wanting to, marry you and take you home.”
And now here we are.  Home.

5 responses to “Honest you do…

  1. CHILLS…need I say more?? YOU 2? 3? 4? HAVE the KEY TO LIFE!!!
    and I think you KNEW from the start…
    I recall fond memories of the “Lot scene” (Panic, Walnut Creek) when you (in your pigtails & Reckless Kelly T-shirt) first introduced me to MQD (in his Hank3 T-shirt) …”Jenny, this is Mike…and I want to have his babies!!”
    Love you guys!!
    ps. keep up the whimsical~witty~inspirational blog, my friend!! <3

    • Ha! I just told Mike this story and he said “I met Jenny at the beach, right?” Umm… no. At Walnut Creek. And he says “Whoa… that was not my finest hour.” :) XXXOOO

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  3. Awww! So sweet…. :)

  4. Love that song, and you you big sap. *kiss*

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