Disco, the ornament not the music or the nap

I have a tendency to attach a tremendous amount of meaning to the most trivial of things.  I remember where I got them, who I was with, how I felt.  This item, a lighter, a tshirt, a coffee cup, it becomes a touchstone to that moment in time.

It is only very occasionally that I have had something for a long time and I don’t have any recollection of where it came from.

I know I have had this disco ball ornament for a long time.  I know I bought it for myself. I can vaguely recall taking it out of the box.  I am not much of an impulse buyer of things like ornaments.  Again, always so sentimental, my ornament collection is largely made up of memories.

I know it hung on my Christmas Tree after Em and I moved to Chapel Hill and then hung from a teeny hook in my living room for the remainder of the time we lived in that apartment.  I remember it hanging on my first big Christmas Tree in our house at the beach.  And I am fairly sure it graced the tree in my dinky little duplex the first year I lived in Kill Devil Hills.

Going back in time to Williamsburg and the Christmas Trees I had in college, I don’t think I had it then.  Those years were full of disco naps and a tree decorated in Happy Meal toys.  But I don’t think I had a disco ball.

 Strangely, I can’t be sure.

Merry Christmas to you, mysterious Disco Ball.  And thanks very much to the Kelly of Christmas Past that had the good sense to snag you off the shelf.

3 responses to “Disco, the ornament not the music or the nap

  1. I just bought 3 of them this year. There they were on the shelf surrounded by all the other glittering ornaments, screaming out to me. I love them!

  2. Ha…I remember your tree with the disco ball on it b/c I was stoked that I had the same disco ball…..hmmmm maybe it was some sort of Lodiviches gift exchange…. long live disco!!!

    • This narrows down the purchasing window, though. I think I might have grabbed it at Home Depot? Definitely a beach purchase. Merry Xmas, Mandy! Tuaca shots for everyone!!

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