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Disco, the ornament not the music or the nap

I have a tendency to attach a tremendous amount of meaning to the most trivial of things.  I remember where I got them, who I was with, how I felt.  This item, a lighter, a tshirt, a coffee cup, it becomes a touchstone to that moment in time.

It is only very occasionally that I have had something for a long time and I don’t have any recollection of where it came from.

I know I have had this disco ball ornament for a long time.  I know I bought it for myself. I can vaguely recall taking it out of the box.  I am not much of an impulse buyer of things like ornaments.  Again, always so sentimental, my ornament collection is largely made up of memories.

I know it hung on my Christmas Tree after Em and I moved to Chapel Hill and then hung from a teeny hook in my living room for the remainder of the time we lived in that apartment.  I remember it hanging on my first big Christmas Tree in our house at the beach.  And I am fairly sure it graced the tree in my dinky little duplex the first year I lived in Kill Devil Hills.

Going back in time to Williamsburg and the Christmas Trees I had in college, I don’t think I had it then.  Those years were full of disco naps and a tree decorated in Happy Meal toys.  But I don’t think I had a disco ball.

 Strangely, I can’t be sure.

Merry Christmas to you, mysterious Disco Ball.  And thanks very much to the Kelly of Christmas Past that had the good sense to snag you off the shelf.

Ain’t Gonna Bump No more

With all the excitement around moving and the house and Em’s new school I realized that I haven’t documented the “bump” all that well.  In fact, I am not even sure where either camera is located at the moment.  Iphone pic it will be.

This morning I extended my arm as far as I could and gave it my all.  Determined to get a new picture of the bump.

I turned my phone back around to see the image and gasped.  That was no bump.

Maybe some women might take this giganticness as a sign.  Probably ought to get things in order at work.  Maybe wrap my mind around the actual day to day of having a real live baby.  Looks to me, in my totally unprofessional opinion, like I might have a baby in the next couple of months.

But not me.  That’s not what I thought.   “Holy shit.  I need to get laid pronto.  That window is closing rapidly.  This is gonna get comical. Quickly.”

And where the not-pregnant massively body conscious Kelly might have started a downward spiral of insecurity, pregnant Kelly just started to laugh.  I thought to myself, “Let’s hope MQD doesn’t try and pass me off to Leroy.”

I ain’t gonna bump no more with no big fat woman
Somebody take her, I don’t want her
She done hurt my hip, she done knocked me down…
Say, Leroy, you can have this one, dude

Lord, I ain’t gonna bump no more with no big fat woman…

Lucky for me I don’t think MQD has seen a single episode of Soul Train.