“Can’t have one without the other…”

I put my whole self out there. Sometimes.  The things that I keep to myself are not usually the things that I decide are too ugly or too embarrassing.  I have a tendency to keep inside the things that I suspect no one really wants to read about.

No one wants to hear about how head over heels in love I am.  Do you?  If your answer is “no,” go ahead and roll out. That’s all I have got today.  And a whole two weeks before Valentine’s Day, huh?


Pic from an 80’s party the first week we met. I still look at him like he is the only boy in the room.

MQD is gone for a few days.  And I miss him.  I miss him super bad.  I am trying not to dwell and mope around like a lovesick fool but it feels like the boy I like at school is out sick and I wasted a really good outfit, an outfit so good that I can’t just wear it again next week because people will remember.

It was just a week ago that I started getting up out of bed at night when Lucy was asleep.  I poke my head out of the bedroom and look for him, for this man to whom I am married and it makes me nervous.  Because I am excited to see him.  Because I have missed him in the last year.  Because he is pretty much the best.

There are a lot of things that I don’t have figured out. But I think I might have this Marriage business in the bag.   In the last week I had a slow dance in the kitchen, I fell on the floor laughing, I felt beautiful, I was challenged, I got laid,  I got to sleep in, I was proud, I was encouraged and I was loved.

And now I miss him.  I miss him, like whoa. You can’t blame me, really, can you?


As an aside – to the well-meaning security-minded folks:

I am probably not supposed to shout out to the Internet that the husband is out of town.  But I probably shouldn’t have scheduled a Freecycle person to swing by and pick up some kefir grains when MQD was gone and we were home alone either.  As I was pacing back and forth trying to decide if I should even open the door a lovely woman was leaving me a potted daffodil and a handwritten thank you note as she picked up the kefir grains I had left in a jar on my porch.

So, I am going to assume that if you plan to hunt me down while MQD is gone it is going to be to offer to drag my trash can to the end of the driveway.  Or tell me that my dinner was great.  Or follow behind me putting my carkeys on the hook or calling my phone that I have misplaced.  Because even people that live in the computer are mostly kind. And I am really needing someone to do those things for the next couple of days.  

21 responses to ““Can’t have one without the other…”

  1. Awww, mama :’) You deserve all of this amazing. Love you.

  2. So nice to see it recognised that most people are nice, whether online or not. I’d offer to come by and help with your rubbish but I think I may be living an ocean or so too far.

    Also, I like reading about being in love. Makes me feel all tingly and less soppy about being thoroughly in love with my man still.

  3. Shelley Sanders

    Oh my, I love reading your posts!!! They make me laugh hysterically. I love the pic from the 80s party, cause that is where I met YOU!!! Thanks for the chuckles!! xoxo

  4. I love love. And I think you’ll be safe. My husband was in Florida for a day, and I’m still here, even after that weird woman came to my door.

  5. That’s a lovely post and I promise not to come rushing over and kidnap you or anything just because he’s away :)

  6. This is one of my favorite posts ever. So glad you found him. You rock. He rocks. You guys better come visit this summer.

  7. Who Shot J.R. Whitley

    He’s the greatest guy to ever call me “Dick.”

  8. What the hell is wrong with bloggers this week!?
    All y’all are making me weepy and I’m kind of tired of it. It’s not me, it’s you.

  9. Lot of jealous people out there, you. Me among them. Pretty nice to know you’re so happy.

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